Visit Orlando Board Application

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Visit Orlando Board of Directors. Board positions are set for two-year terms and service begins on January 1. Applications are reviewed and considered by the Nominating Committee based on open positions. 

Personal Information


Which of the following best describes the race with which you most closely identify? Please select all that apply.

Business Information


Activities and Experience


Please list activities you engage in outside of work. (e.g., Civic, volunteer, and/or professional groups.)


Please list any past board service or professional experience you feel is relevant.

Please list those professional or personal skills/areas of expertise or experience you would bring to the Visit Orlando Board of Directors (e.g., academia/education, arts culture, business, commercial/real estate/product development, events, finance, government/politics/community affairs, hospitality, legal, non-profit, sales & marketing, sports & entertainment, venue management).

How do you feel you can contribute to the Visit Orlando Board?

What do you feel are the most important issues the Visit Orlando Board of Directors and hospitality industry are facing? Over the next 5 years?

Please share any other information you feel is relevant.

Board Orientation Commitment


Acknowledgement of Responsibilities

Visit Orlando Board Members must fulfill the following responsibilities:

Duty of Care – Board members must make decisions that pursue Visit Orlando’s interests with reasonable diligence and prudence.

Duty of Loyalty – Board members must place Visit Orlando’s interests before their own personal or financial interests.

Duty of Obedience – Board members must act to ensure that Visit Orlando complies with applicable laws and regulations, acts in accordance with its bylaws and policies, and carries out its mission appropriately.

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