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  • Orlando, FL
  • Phone: (407) 519-8711
  • Location: Kissimmee/Osceola County
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Get Outside with our Eco-Adventures!
Looking for something to do in Orlando, and Central Florida other than the theme parks? Get outside with BK Adventure Eco-Tours! We take your to the wild side of Florida for rugged mountain bike trips, kayaking with manatees, and up to the Silver River to see Florida’s wild monkeys! 
Mountain Biking – Bike Hike Trip
Take a mountain bike hike with us. This tour is for those who like rugged off-road adventure. Florida has some fast and fun single tracks that are good for beginner to intermediate cyclists. Don’t be afraid to get dirty as we peddle through some dense forest, past bogs, over bridges and get up close to the river and wildlife of Little Big Econ.
Eco-Kayaking Monkey Tour
Join us at the historic Silver Springs to start a tour through paradise that leads into the Silver River. You will see more wildlife in nature on this tour than on any other – including wild monkeys. This crystal clear, aquamarine water way and surrounding jungle paradise were the location for the original Tarzan movie. Be prepared to take lots of photos as iridescent blue fish swim past your kayak, as you spot turtles and alligators sunning themselves on river logs, as a variety of exotic birds fly by, and as you hear the chatter of the Rhesus monkeys in the trees above.
Kayaking with Manatees Tour
The manatees in the warm waters of the Indian River love to laze the day away in the coves and lagoons of this brackish estuary. Paddle with us into their little lagoon, and you will feel the essence of these mythical gentle giants. Thought to be the original mermaids, manatees, seem to awaken something spiritual in those who come into close contact with them. Feel the magic in their presence as the come up along your kayak to curiously check out you out.

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  • Distance to Walt Disney World:  21.9 Miles
  • Distance to Airport: 12.4 Miles
  • Distance to Downtown: 21.4 Miles
  • Distance to Convention Center:  17.0 Miles
  • Distance to SeaWorld:  15.9 Miles
  • Distance to Universal:  19.4 Miles
  • Length of Activity : Half Day