NYZ Orlando

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  • 5226 International Drive
    Orlando, FL 32819
  • Phone: (407) 792-2100
  • Location: Universal Orlando Resort & Int'l Drive North Area
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The NYZ Orlando attraction brings its patrons to a new depth of immersive theater. Transcend reality, break away from the boring cookie cutter entertainment and experience the world we all fear could bring our lives to a grinding halt.

You and your friends are the main characters in this epic battle to save man kind. Your group will be responsible for making history altering decisions that will affect humanity's future as well as their past. Experience 1 hour and 15 minutes of pure sensory overload as you are thrown into a world being eaten alive by the undead. You will receive weapons and the training necessary to use them, but it will be your survival instinct that will truly keep you alive.

Think you have what it takes to protect the ones you love? It's time to save the world, this is will be the fight of your life.

  • Category:  Popular Attractions
  • Distance to Walt Disney World:  9.2 Miles
  • Distance to Orlando Intl Airport (MCO):  8.8 Miles
  • Distance to Sanford Intl Airport (SFB): 24.7 Miles
  • Distance to Downtown:  7.0 Miles
  • Distance to Convention Center:  2.7 Miles
  • Distance to SeaWorld:  4.2 Miles
  • Distance to Universal:  1.2 Miles
  • Length of Activity : Quarter Day