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Umi Japanese Restaurant

  • 525 South Park Avenue Winter Park, FL 32789
  • Category: Japanese Cuisine & Sushi
  • 525 South Park Avenue Winter Park, FL 32789
  • Phone: (407) 960-3993
  • Category: Japanese Cuisine & Sushi
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Choice of Appetizers
Your meal begins with Miso Soup followed by your choice of appetizer.

Beer & Sake Garlic Butter Mussels
fingerling potatoes, beer, sake, scallions, togarashi, butter, toasted bread

Lemon Citrus Lobster
lightly deep fried lobster, lemon cream sauce, bed of mixed greens, orange dressing

Tuna Kobachi (Raw and Spicy)
diced tuna, spicy kobachi sauce, scallions, cucumber and daikon

Cobia Crudo
slices of Cobia with kyurizuke and ume truffle vinaigrette, hackleback caviar, watermelon daikon and yuzu soy anglaise sauce

Rollins no. 2
Crab/krab salad*, tempura asparagus, seared salmon sashimi on top, house-made tartar sauce, micro arugula, balsamic teriyaki sauce

Choice of Entrèes
Japanese Chirashi
chef’s choice selection of fresh sashimi over sushi rice

Choice of 2 Signature Sushi Rolls
Crunch Hako - Hako‎ sushi (osaka style), spicy tuna, rice-cracker, pickled cucumber, honey-tabasco aioli, scallions, and micro greens
Godzilla - spicy kobachi salmon and cucumber wrapped with avocado, sweet miso sauce & eel sauce
Spicy Jalapeno Shrimp - shrimp tempura, cream cheese, jalapeno, wrapped with spicy tuna, sliced jalapeno, spicy mayo drizzle, side of spicy kobachi sauce
Mango Tango - coconut shrimp, crab/krab salad, cucumber, cream cheese, fresh mango, topped with coconut shavings, sweet yuzu mango sauce, eel sauce
Blaze - Shrimp tempura, asparagus, cream cheese, topped with steamed shrimp & avocado, drizzled with eel sauce, side of spicy kobachi sauce
Spitfire - spicy kosho crawfish tail, blanched asparagus, wrapped with whitefish and brushed with cajun kuro shichimi mayo, the roll is then torched

6 oz. Beef Coulotte with Shrimp Remoulade
dashi glazed green bean salad

Pork Secreto
Asian pear mostarda, pan seared kale, shallots, pear vinaigrette, arugula, EVOO

Fresh Catch of the Day
served with seasonal accompaniment

Choice of Desserts
Choice of:

Crème Brûlée
traditional custard with fresh vanilla, caramelized sugar

Matcha Green Tea Panna Cotta
Matcha green tea cream, puffed rice, quinoa & farro,
coffee grinds, chocolate sauce

Lemon Cream Shortbread Cookie
shortbread Cookie, lemon cream cheese, Nutella, white chocolate, granola crumbs, house-made vanilla ice cream

Matcha Bread Pudding
chocolate ganache, powdered Nutella, graham cracker crumble, house-made marshmallow fluff

NOTE: Participating in Magical Dining through October 12, 2017

Join us at Umi Japanese Fusion for the freshest in sushi and sashimi, Robata Charcoal grilled meats, seafood & vegetables, and specialty fusion dishes!

  • Category:  Japanese Cuisine & Sushi
  • Distance to Walt Disney World:  19.1 Miles
  • Distance to Airport: 11.5 Miles
  • Distance to Orlando Sanford Intl Airport (SFB): 14.2 Miles
  • Distance to Downtown:  3.6 Miles
  • Distance to Convention Center:  13.1 Miles
  • Distance to SeaWorld:  14.5 Miles
  • Distance to Universal:  10.7 Miles