Hutchins FamilyThe Hutchins' vacation to Orlando was far from their typical "drive to the beach." As one of the families who won our Vacation Makeover contest earlier this year, they had plenty of past vacation mishaps that needed some making over.

From crowded hotel stays to different interests, this family from Virginia was looking for a vacation that could make the whole family -- a whopping family of five -- happy. Mom Krista Hutchins even recalls a date night with her husband in the halls of their hotel to escape the kids (complete with candy bars from a nearby vending machine and burgers).

With help from Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom, we created a customized dream vacation to Orlando that even turned their past vacation "date night" of burgers and candy in the hallway into wine and a private dinner by the pool.

To see all the Vacation Makeover videos and to learn more about the featured activities, click here. 


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