2017 Advertising Specifications

All materials should be sent to Stacey Smith at stacey.smith@visitorlando.com.

Each ad or listing should be clearly identified and sent in a separate email.

Please allow 2-3 days for ad posting and 2-3 weeks for listing posting.


2017 Consumer Website Advertising

2017 Global Consumer Website Advertising

2017 Travel Trade Website Advertising

2017 Meetings Website Advertising



Tips for Strong-Performing Creative

  • Include a motivating call-to-action
  • Including a price point can increase performance
  • Offers containing a percentage discount often performs better if the discount is 30% or better

Best Practises for Submitting Featured Listing Descriptions

  • Write Short and organized copy

            o   Don't present potential visitors with visually overwhelming text

            o   Research shows web users scan more than they read every word

            o  Grab their attention by being clear, concise and compelling

  • Make content easier to scan using Sub-Headlines and Lists

            o   Write short but clear headlines, sub-headlines and headers

            o   Clearly label topics and break text up into small paragraphs (30-50 words each)

            o   Use bulleted lists to organize content and features

  • Write for the Visit Orlando website visitor

            o   Speak to your visitors by using the word you as much as possible

            o   Minimize the use of I, we and us

            o   Don't need to end sentences in a bulleted list with a peried

  • Use Hyperlinks Effectively

            o   Avoid using phrases like "click here" for links. Instead make key words or phrases linkable


We reserve the right to edit for spelling, correct grammar and use of names and trademarks on all text ads, DRP ads and enhanced listings. If edits are required to be made on any tile ads or leaderboard ads, the advertiser will be notified.  All phone numbers that include letters must also display the numbers in parenthesis.